How to Find Perfect Products to Sell in Amazon FBA (2019)

perfect products for amazon imageBack when I started my first brand in Amazon, I must have spent 90% of my time trying to find perfect products to sell in Amazon.

I hated the process. But…

By the time I launched my third brand, I had the process nailed: it’s now super quick, super easy and enjoyable.

In this article, I’m going to share with you one of my best-kept strategies: how to find what to sell in minutes, for free.

It works every time. And when you see the logic you’ll see why it works. It removes all the guesswork, all the stress and it enables you to literally look at winning products each and every time.

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So let’s get to it, my friend.

How to Know What Products to Sell in Amazon (PLUS a Real Example)

What to Sell on Amazon FBA to Make Money

Before I hit upon this process, I tried every method I could find. I would walk around with a notepad, constantly jotting down each and every idea that popped into my head. I would take the notepad to bed and wake up during the night, reaching for the notepad and frantically scribbling down more product ideas.

It can be stressful. Especially when you feel the pressure to hit a deadline you may have set for yourself when you desperately want to get started, to join the private label circuit and start making some money.

Finding perfect products to sell in Amazon is a key part of the whole equation, and I think it’s the one thing many sellers – if not most – suffer with the most. I get it. I did too.

When it came to launching my second and third brands, I actually took a different approach to find profitable products to sell. I sat down and thought about this whole thing logically.

And here’s what I came up with…

Finding The Best Products to Sell on Amazon = Knowing What Sells the Most

Would you buy a little old car from the 70s that is worth nothing other than its scrap value, if you didn’t like the car?

I’m not talking about a collector’s car here. I’m just talking about a car that really isn’t worth anything.

I know I wouldn’t. And if you didn’t like the car, I don’t think you would either.

But back in its heyday, that car may have been a best-seller.

Think about that for a moment.

And this applies to almost everything.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Products are actually tied to a timeline. They may be a best-selling product today, but they may not be tomorrow.” quote=”Products are actually tied to a timeline. They may be a best-selling product today, but they may not be tomorrow.” theme=”style3″]

When you start to look at products and their potential through this lens, it becomes completely and utterly pointless to try to dream up the perfect product, because there is no such thing.


[clickToTweet tweet=”The perfect product today is not going to be the perfect product tomorrow.” quote=”The perfect product today is not going to be the perfect product tomorrow.” theme=”style3″]

This is great news by the way because this should remove all that tension, all that nail-biting and all those sleepless nights. There’s no need to jump through hoops and immerse yourself in any voodoo in order to come up with perfect products to sell in Amazon FBA.

In fact, that’s a waste of your time, as you’ll see in a moment.

Attempting to dream up what to sell on Amazon really is looking through the wrong end of the telescope.

There is one exception to that, and that is somebody who invents a product or comes up with a variation of a product.

However, the risk involved in innovating is much greater than launching a product that is a proven best-seller, and should in most cases be avoided unless that is part of your plan.

If you want to make money on Amazon, the easiest route is going to be the tried-and-tested way (launch a good selling product) – at least in the beginning.

Now that we’re clear on that point, let’s plough on!

Finding Perfect Products to Sell in Amazon in Minutes

  1. Open up a browser and go to Google
  2. type in Amazon bestsellers
  3. click the result for your local Amazon
  4. open your eyes nice and wide

This is where Amazon ‘hide’ all the bestsellers. In plain view.

Amazon best sellers
This is what you’re looking for.

Once you click through to the best sellers, look at the tabs at the top:

  • hot new releases
  • movers and shakers (these are the products that are rising to the top)
  • most wished for (this is actually a very interesting tab to look at)
  • most gifted

Right there is a ton of information on what to sell on Amazon – this is what’s selling right nowthis is what sells the most.

This is where your product research begins.

How to do Product Research to Find Profitable Products to Sell on FBA

On the left-hand side navigation of the best sellers page, you’ll see a list of categories. This is where the real research takes place.

If you already have an idea of what you want to sell, then you already know the best FBA categories to look in. This method enables you to see the best products to sell in your chosen category based on what sells the most on Amazon right now.

In the video, I walk through an example where I decide that I want to sell a product for dogs.

Here’s the process:

  • click on the parent category (pet supplies)
  • click on the subcategory (dogs)
  • look at the best selling products

Amazon is telling you right now what is selling better than anything else.

There is ZERO guessing involved. There’s certainly no need to walk around with a notepad and your head in could 9 hoping to find inspiration to come up with great product ideas.

You can see the top 100 best-selling products in any Amazon marketplace, in any category or subcategory.

In less than a minute.

Right there is a list of products that are selling more than any other product, right now.

That is how you find perfect products to sell in Amazon.

When you realize that how perfect the product is or isn’t is tied to a timeline, you can see that asking what is the perfect product to sell in Amazon is the kind question that can lead you down a never-ending rabbit hole.

The right question to ask is:

What are people buying in Amazon right now, in the marketplace that I want to sell in?

And now you know how to find that out.

How to Pick a Winning Product in the Best Category

The best category is going to depend a lot on you, and your resources.

For example, cosmetics is an example of a great category. But how great it is for you depends largely on your ability to compete. If you choose a best selling product but you can’t source it profitably, then it’s not likely going to be a great category for you.

But we’ll get to that in a moment.

Looking at this in a different way, does it matter what the category is if you’re profitable? If you sell shower curtain rings and you make a fortune each month, then how much do you care about the cosmetics category?

Exactly. So browse through the categories in search of products that you think are a good fit for your brand, but don’t get too hung up on the concept or a perfect category. All categories have products and the best sellers list is showing what products sell in those categories.

So the top 100 best selling products in each category is where we start. Even the product listed at number 99 is a best seller. Out of all the products in its category, that product is the 99th best selling product right now.

What Makes a Product Perfect for Selling on Amazon Fba?

In most cases, a private labeller will be aiming to keep costs down. And that translates into a small, lightweight product.

The bigger and heavier your product, the more you’re going to pay for delivery and storage fees.

A lighter product is also going to reduce shipping costs from manufacturer to you or to Amazon FBA. In many cases, a smaller product (depending on what it is) may also be cheaper to buy (e.g. a phone case for a small phone may be a little cheaper than the same case for the bigger model of that phone).

If this is the case for you, it means that you can buy more units because you’re saving costs on shipping.

How to Pick the Perfect Product for Amazon FBA from All These Proven Products?

So where do we go from here?

Let’s recap on this method so far:

  • we started out wanting to find the perfect product to sell in Amazon
  • we then decided that the only question that matters is: what are people buying in Amazon right now?
  • We hit the best sellers category to find out the best selling products
  • We picked a category to sell in
  • We picked a winning proven product from our list (the list being Amazon’s best sellers list)

The next step is to answer the only two questions that you’re going to have at this point – and that’s really it when it comes to finding the perfect product to sell.

Question 1:

  • can you source this product affordably?

Question 2:

  • can you beat the competition, or at least match them?

Sourcing a Winning Product

Sourcing a product is never a problem. The trick is getting it at a price point where you can make a profit after selling it.

[clickToTweet tweet=”When it comes to finding great products, if somebody sells it, somebody makes it.” quote=”When it comes to finding great products, if somebody sells it, somebody makes it.” theme=”style3″]

Getting the product cheap enough is going to almost always come down to how many units you buy. If you just want to dip your toe in the water and buy a hundred units, you’re simply not going to get as good a price as if you bought a thousand units.

It’s worth pointing out here that you do not need to test the water. Remember that you picked a winning product from Amazon’s own best sellers list. The product is a proven product. It is a perfect product right now.

However, if budget is limited then you may only be buying a few units. I get that.

Don’t beat yourself up if your profit margin is small. Realise that when you’re able to scale and buy more units in bulk, your price per unit will decrease and your profit margin will in turn increase.

Positioning Your Winning Product

If you’re able to source the product cheaply enough, you may be able to charge less than the competition. That would be a great opportunity to take a chunk of that market.

That said…

[clickToTweet tweet=”Competing on price alone is never a great strategy unless you have the deepest pockets.” quote=”Competing on price alone is never a great strategy unless you have the deepest pockets.” theme=”style3″]

The problem is that if competitors start discounting their product prices, it can be a race to the bottom where the cheapest one wins (and that can kill your profit margin).

You have 2 choices when it comes to fixing this issue:

  • try to find a product that has superior features to those you see in the marketplace
  • request superior features and then position your product as a premium product to justify a higher price

In practice, a lot of Amazon FBA sellers don’t have the budget – especially those starting out – to customize a product too much, so they end of buying the same product that everybody else is selling.

Try looking for a case for your smartphone and you’ll see what I mean. There are thousands and thousands of products that are more or less really the same product.

Many sellers, in fact, get their products from the same manufacturer and then use the manufacturer’s own images… making it obvious that it’s literally the same product.

I’ve seen this countless times.

But again, don’t sweat it. Whilst being able to position your product as a premium product is a great position to be in, it’s not necessarily something that you need in order to survive and make sales.

My first brand has a range of products that are actually pretty much the same as everybody else’s. It’s in a very competitive niche and there are thousands of variations of this product. Furthermore, I’m not the cheapest seller in that niche.

But I still make sales.

[clickToTweet tweet=”People don’t always buy the cheapest. They usually buy the one that they like the most.” quote=”People don’t always buy the cheapest. They usually buy the one that they like the most.” theme=”style3″]

Your branding and how you present yourself can be a deciding factor when it comes to making sales, so don’t worry too much about starting low if the budget isn’t there and look forward to scaling and bringing down your costs in the future.

A few units is all you need to get into the game.

Is Your Winning Product Better than Theirs?

The second question (can you beat the product that you want to compete against) requires a little research. But it’s simple.

Check the best selling product’s stats:

  • how many reviews does it have?
  • do the title and description indicate that this is a savvy seller?

Can you beat all that?

  • Reviews

Don’t sweat the reviews too much. People understand that you have to start from somewhere. Also, the more reviews you have, the more chances of a bad review popping up.

Sometimes zero reviews can be a blessing, especially when going up against a product with thousands of great reviews but a few very damaging 1-star reviews.

  • Images, Title, Description and Bullet Points

The title, description and bullet points are all about positioning, and since sellers can’t copyright the alphabet, you’re free to use other seller’s titles and descriptions for inspiration in crafting your own.

Thus, beating a good title and description is more than achievable. Keep in mind also that you can tweak and test as you go.

Images are a must. You need to use professional images, period. If your competitor isn’t, then this is one place where you can very easily beat them.

Find a product photographer online or use a local photographer. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Finding Perfect Products to Sell on Amazon UK and Amazon US

I want to touch on the difference between marketplaces. It doesn’t actually matter if it’s Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon EU or any other marketplace. I just couldn’t include every marketplace in the title!

But here’s what I want to point out:

if we find a perfect product to sell in Amazon UK, this does not necessarily mean that we automatically have a best seller in Amazon US.

A best selling product is tied to a timeline but also to a location.

So you still need to go through the same process to check out any other marketplace and see what the best selling products are right now in those marketplaces.


When it comes to finding great products to sell on Amazon, look at what people are buying right now. Those are perfect products right now.

Amazon shows you what is selling right now. The list of best sellers is where you conduct your product research.

Those bestsellers are tested and proven best-selling products, all of which are perfect products to sell right now in Amazon.

This removes all the guesswork and stress when it comes to choosing what to sell as a private label seller.

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