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Hey, I'm Hoz, author of
Perfect Solopreneur

During a 5 year period working in eCommerce, I set up more than 250 online stores across many niches for clients in 21 different countries. Many of them used content marketing to reach their niche.

Many failed, some did OK, and a few made a lot of money.

I took what I learned in eCommerce and applied it to blogging. I launched half a dozen blogs in different niches, and although some started to work, I gave up on all of them within 12 months.

The niches were profitable, the content was good, but something was wrong.

[I’ll let you in on the secret in a few moments.]

Then, when I launched I made the same mistake again.

But this time I realised what that ONE lethal mistake is when it comes to picking a niche.

I deleted all my content, changed my approach, and the rest is history.

What I discovered is that a lot of people are teaching niche selection the wrong way around.

They do market research to find a profitable niche, they analyse the top competitors, and they hope to find a fantastic topic that is low in competition.

Here’s what I say: 

Today, I can pick a perfect niche in under an hour. No fancy software needed, and no guessing.

I created Perfect Niche Selection to teach you my process.


Perfect Niche Selection is my process for selecting a profitable niche you can thrive in. It’s quick and requires no paid tools.

And once you get this process down, you’ll have a valuable skill forever.

Here are some of the problems you'll get rid of:

And here are some of the things you'll learn:

Here's a breakdown of the course...

The Crucial Step

Get this wrong and kiss your success goodbye. The importance of choosing the right niche, and the reason for most failures.

Niches Explained

All you need to know about niches, without the fluff and the drama.

The 3 Big Niches

A look at the traditional ‘big 3’, and an overview of the rest.

The BIG Mistake

The big mistake most make when choosing a niche (because of how niche selection is traditionally taught).

The Perfect Niche

The secret behind choosing the perfect niche. The 2 Step Instant Authority play and how to never run out of content ideas.

The Branding Secret

Worried that your competition is bigger and better than you? Discover this never-talked-about powerful branding secret and how you can use it to your advantage

Niche Validation

Learn how to tell if your niche is good or not. Includes the free tools I use for market research.

Niche Down Genius

Discover The Upside Down Funnel technique and learn how to niche down the right way, and know when to stop.

The Gut Test Method

How to validate a niche when you have no concise data. The Broad Niche Segmentation technique.

Niche Expander

Learn how to monetize a niche that’s too specialized.


What if you already have a niche and it’s not performing? Learn to troubleshoot the only 2 problems that matter.

Here's what Perfect Niche Selection is NOT...

I’m not going to show you how to ‘find’ a profitable niche and then go into it, because that’s the wrong way to do this.

In fact, here are 2 very profitable niches:

  • forex trading
  • insurance

Tell me: how does that help you?

It doesn’t.

What I’m going to teach you instead is how to find the perfect niche you can thrive in and earn money from.

In other words, a niche that that has traffic that can be monetized, and that you can serve well.

I’m also not going to tell you to ‘follow your passion’. That can be a costly mistake, unless your passion fist the criteria I’m going to give you.

The truth is that you don’t have to be passionate about something to make money. If you sell toilet paper, you will never have stock you can’t sell. How passionate can you be about toilet paper?

Here's what people are saying about traditional niche courses (and why they don't work...)

Theses are bad reviews of various popular niche selection courses. I’m not here to shame anybody, so I have not included course names or platforms. 

Popular niche course 1

LP Perfect Niche Selection 1

The advice in this course was: “find some niche that has lots of money, scales well, and doesn’t require much work where nobody else is and won’t be…

Hmm.. that doesn’t exist.

The second reviewer seems frustrated. Perhaps they felt the information didn’t justify the price.

Popular niche course 2


The advice in this course was: “find your interest and hope that there aren’t too many competitors…”

Hmm.. interest does not necessarily equal a good niche.

The second reviewer was hoping for training on how to research undersaturated markets. 

Hmm… that’s exactly the wrong way to do this.

Popular niche course 3


The advice in this course was: “learn how to analyze your top competitors…”

Hmm.. not that useful if you choose the wrong niche to start with. The second review confirms that this is yet another old traditional niche finding course.

Popular niche course 4


The advice in this course was: “look for high paying affiliate programs, then work from there…”

Again, this is traditional niche selection, and it’s completely back to front.

The second reviewer is complaining that there was no market research. It sounds like he has preconceived ideas of how niche selection is done, based on the old traditional model.

So here's the BIG secret...

"The traditional model of niche selection worked fine in the early days of the web, when niches were not competitive. But today, just about anybody can launch a blog. The old model of 'find a great niche with low competition' is no longer realistic."

You need to adapt.

It took me half a dozen failed blogs to come up with a way that works today. It’s not a trick, nor it is a ‘hack’, or a fad.

It’s common sense plus experience.

In Perfect Niche Selection I show you my process in a way that’s simple, easy and fast to understand. No experience necessary.


What Others are Saying...

Ste Gilboy
Ste Gilboy
CEO of SG Home Improvements
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Hoz breaks down the complex and makes it easy. He figures out how to do it better and gives us the edge every time. Brilliant.
CEO of Riley's DB
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There are more secrets packed into this training than I expected. The boost to your confidence when you master this skill is priceless.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. There are 15 video modules (including the Summary).

14 video modules + 1 summary.

  1. Click on the button at the bottom of this page to go to my course platform. 
  2. Create an account and, upon payment, you’ll be able to access the course.

Perfect Niche Selection is a one time payment course. It may later become part of a subscription membership site, but right now it’s a one-time payment.

The full course is available straight away.

Getting traffic is the result of creating and promoting content. This course is about choosing the perfect niche.

The course covers the only market research you need to do to validate a niche, using free tools. It is not, however, an in-depth course on market research. But you can use a tool like SEMRush – that will give you all the market research tools you could ever wish for.

No. But you can use a tool like SEMRush – that will give you all the competition analysis you could ever wish for.

Perfect Niche Selection is for bloggers who want to thrive in a niche, with organic traffic.




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