59,800 FREE Icons (Personal and Commercial Use)

In this video, I want to share with you one of my best resources of free icons for personal and commercial use. You’ll need to link back to the website in order to use the icons for free, but I’m talking about fifty-nine thousand eight hundred free icons here, so this is a great resource.

Keep in mind that the website from where you can download free icons does update regularly, so the number of free icons available is very likely to change.

It’s almost certainly always going to increase, but I should think that with around 60,000 free icons for personal and commercial use, you’re probably gonna be okay.

Free Icons: No Sign up and No Nonsense

One of the things you’ll appreciate from this resource is the fact that you don’t have to sign up to anything. You can simply search for and download any free icons you want.

Here are some handy features:

  • you can choose the format
  • you can choose the size
  • you can choose the colour

It still blows my mind that resources like this exist. You can very quickly find a bunch of great looking icons to use on your website or on any project and download the formats you like to work with, and the size and colours you need.

In the video, you can watch over my shoulder as I set out to find a great icon and then go through the process of selecting and choosing a format.

Enhance Search with Format, Colour and Size Criteria

The left-hand sidebar provides you with enhanced search capabilities to help you narrow down the style of icon that you want. So for example, if you select a particular colour, that will filter out all the icons that don’t meet your criteria and show you the ones that do.

Size and Colour Options

When it comes to choosing a size, you can toggle between options and you can even select to download a load of different sizes at once!

How cool is that!

When it comes to colours, you’ll notice that many icons don’t have a background, which is ideal as it enables you to get to work right away with them on any project.

Download Free Icons or Hotlink

You can download the free icons and use as you please, or you can grab a shortcode and put that on your website to display the icon but have hosted on the source server.

Very cool.

If you need free icons for your personal projects or free icons for your clients, then you’ll love this resource. You can use these icons on just about any project, from websites to apps to documents and anything else you can think of.

But watch out… these icons are highly addictive 🙂

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