FREE Tool to Check Username Availability on Social Sites

One of the things I often find myself doing is having to check username availability across social networks. It’s an unavoidable task for anybody creating a brand, and that includes bloggers.

And I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that this is a draining task. It’s hardly enjoyable, and the thrill you may experience when you discover your preferred username is available often doesn’t offset the time you spend with hit and miss searches.

And nothing quite prepares you for that moment when you suddenly discover, after having set up a ton of social media profiles with your new username, that the username is not available on one of the major social networks.

Ever had that happen to you? I know how you feel because I’ve experienced this more times than I care to remember.

This blog was actually called two different things in the beginning. But each time I had to rebrand because of my username not being available on one or more networks, which stopped me from creating a consistent brand experience.

As it happens, theycallmehoz turned out to be the best branding of them all, because Hoz has been my nicknames for many years now (it just never occurred to me to turn it into my brand).

But that was an unexpected bonus. Generally, having to rebrand because of unavailable usernames is far from a joyful experience.

Understandably, I really didn’t want to go through this hoo-hah again, so I started to ponder whether this is one thing I should outsource.

Then it occurred to me that what I really needed was…

A Free Tool to Check Usernames on Social Media in Bulk

Ok, I added the FREE bit, but really, I don’t expect great tools to be free. If and when I come across great tools that are free or that offer a free plan, I’m always grateful that the developers made that possible.

As it happens though, I did find a tool to check username availability across multiple social media sites that is also free.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the tool will also check domain name availability.

And it does all this in bulk!

How cool is that?

With this tool, you can do a bulk social media username search or you can get as granular as you want. For example. if you just want to see Snapchat username is availability, then just look at the Snapchat icon when you do your search.

How The Check Username Availability Tool Works

The tool is essentially a social media username lookup tool that will show whether the search was successful or not. If it wasn’t, it means the username is available.

You can also use the tool to generate social media name ideas which could help you unearth gold nuggets you may not have thought of.

Aside from checking usernames and generating username ideas the tool also reports on domain username availability across a wide range of domain extensions.

And all for free.

The interface is also very user friendly and whenever you check username availability the results are colour coded so you can see right away on what social networks your username is taken and on what social sites the username is free.

Not surprisingly, this tool has become one of my favourite resources, and once you try it for yourself, I’m sure it will become part of your own toolset.

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