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Gzip compression is one of the best things you can enable on your website in terms of performance ROI. In this quick video, I demonstrate how to check gzip compression is enabled on your website by using a free online tool that takes a couple of seconds to run a quick check.

Here’s what I mean about performance ROI:

  • compression can have a significant impact on your website, improving page load speed, more so than many other tweaks
  • it is a relatively simple thing to do
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The above 2 points make this type of compression a must, as well as a priority.

The First Step is to Check gzip to Verify if it’s Enabled on Your Site

Realistically, enabling compression on your website can shave off anything from few milliseconds to quite a few seconds – depending on your site and on how much of a bottleneck the things that are not compressed are actually causing for you.

Luckily, there is an online tool you can use to quickly check gzip. The Tool is over at

gzip compression test tool

The image above shows what the tool looks like.

As you can see, the tool itself is pretty intuitive. there’s not really that much you can do on that screen other than to enter something into the input box.

To check gzip on your website, simply pop in the URL of your website into the input box and click the magnifying glass.

The tool then will fetch your website and check gzip, telling you immediately whether you have this type of compression enabled or not.

This is a cool tool and a very handy way of quickly testing a website.


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