One Amazon Success Story After Another

sucess stories amazon fba imageWhen it comes to any Amazon success story we all want to know one thing:

Is it real?

I mean, just about anybody can write a fake review…

…that is, anybody except one company.

I’m talking about Amazon of course. That’s the one company that can’t afford to fake their own reviews.

So here’s what I did:

I went to Amazon and grabbed every Amazon success story I could find.

Check this out:

An Amazon Success Story for Every Type of Seller…

That’s what I found over at Amazon. Those clever people have collated some great success stories from people from many walks of life, presumably to resonate with as many people as possible.

And that’s a good thing…

… because the reality is that we all have a chance to create our own Amazon success story.

All it takes is…

  • the right guidance
  • good execution
  • a smile from Lady luck (that’s always optional but never hurts)

Of course, you could always wing it and become the next best thing in the Amazon Hall of Fame (if they have one) but learning the ropes from those who went before us is a great way to stack the odds in our favour.

So let’s take a look at some of those successful Amazon stories from everyday people, all on Amazon’s own website!

On Amazon’s success story page (link below) you can see great stories such as:

  1. a guy who hit rock bottom and who then managed to turn his passion for sports nutrition into a booming business
  2. a couple who turned their love for music into a business selling great quality headphones
  3. a father and son who found smartphones too complicated and who then produced their own simple phone, which now sells across the world (I love this one)
  4. a woman who quit her busy 12-hour job and started designing covers for electronic devices
  5. a chap who went from fighting crime to selling sweets on Amazon
    another chap who’s passion for cooking has led to a thriving business in Amazon
  6. a group of friends who dove into the super competitive world of cosmetics and came out winning
  7. a mother-of-two who now lives her dream stay-at-home life whilst selling toys on Amazon
  8. a guy who went from collecting toys to selling them on Amazon
  9. a guy who sells diamonds online
  10. a traditional textile business that was saved by selling online
  11. a guy who began using Amazon FBA in order to spend more time at home with his family

All these stories are inspiring.

HINT: you can also check out the Amazon bestseller lists to see thousands of products that are currently crushing it in this marketplace.

Not every seller behind those best-selling products is going to be a success story of course, but many will be bringing in a nice chunk of change every month.

Here are Some More Success Stories from Amazon

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Success Story: VerdurePlus

Other Success Stories

What to Get Started Selling on Amazon and Becoming a Success Story Yourself?

If you’re ready to join the fold, then congratulations to you.

Here are some resources to get you started (all free):

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