Amazon FBA Guide + Recipe for Success (2019)

amazon success recipe imageAmazon is churning out millionaires like clockwork.

The good news? This huge marketplace is open to any private seller. And getting started is actually very simple.

But if you want the recipe for success, then here are the 2 steps:

  1. learn what you need to learn
  2. implement what you learn

In this quick guide, I’m going to list the free resources you need to get on the right track.

Most people skip step 1 (the learning) and think that they will somehow wing it and hit the jackpot. This is good news for you: it means most of your competitors are not really competing: they’re winging it.

Let’s start with a little briefing on what this is:

So let’s dig deeper and see what this is all about…

Running a Successful Amazon Business as a Private Label Seller Step by Step

Here’s the guide to making money with Amazon FBA, which takes you through the steps of setting up and running a successful Amazon business and shows you how to become a private label seller.

Now, on the one hand, Amazon FBA is a real opportunity to make money. There are successful Amazon sellers who are making 5, 6, 7 and even 8 figures. You may have seen the media reports over the past 2 or 3 years packed with Amazon stats as well as independent accounts everywhere alluding to the fact that many people are becoming millionaires using this model.

But the stark reality is that on the other side of the spectrum it’s probably fair to say that maybe as much as 80% of sellers are just getting by. That’s the Pareto principle at work: it’s the 80/20 rule. But there’s also a reason for this disparity, for the fact that so few are doing so well and so many are doing so average.

As I say, Amazon FBA is a real opportunity to create a profitable business and you don’t have to be super skilled to do so – in fact, you don’t really need any skills… Maybe a little bit of discipline – that won’t go amiss of course, but you don’t really need skills.

Now, I’m not taking anything away from those people who are mega-successful: they’re smart cookies. But I’m willing to bet that there are also some dumbbells around who are doing pretty well on Amazon. I tip my hat off to them of course, for taking action. The point I’m making is that the barrier of entry is pretty low.

But here is the caveat: as long as you have the right tools. The reason why so many people do so average is that they never took the time to find out how Amazon FBA really works and how to succeed at this.

So as I say, on the one hand, this is a great opportunity but on the other hand… if you’re about to get into this and your idea of preparing for this is just looking at a few videos here and there and then going into this, then don’t do this. You will lose your shirt.

Start With The Amazon FBA Guide for Success

Instead, spend the time finding out what it is that you need to be successful. Start with my Amazon FBA guide. In this guide you’ll find:

  • an overview of the Amazon FBA model (how it works)
  • what it is that makes some sellers very successful
  • where to find the perfect products to sell on Amazon
  • where to source products from
  • the process of dealing with manufacturers
  • the process of creating a brand for yourself
  • creating your first private label product
  • some do’s and don’ts about stock and sending into FBA versus not getting your products shipped directly to you

Then you’ll find an overview of Amazon PPC. It’s key that you understand how Amazon PPC (pay per click) works in order to succeed on Amazon. In order to get exposure to your products, you need to do Amazon PPC.

In the guide’s resources, I recommend the best training to master Amazon advertising, which was put together by a man who probably has the most experience running the biggest and most expensive PPC Amazon PPC campaigns on the planet. He’s worked for many corporates with massive budgets and he’s been able to test more than most. I went through the course myself of course, hence my recommendation.

Understanding Amazon PPC will give you a tremendous edge, especially when you add some key tools to manage and automate your PPC campaigns (see the guide’s resources).

Doing all these things manually is the glass ceiling on the potential growth of your Amazon business. If you accept that learning a couple of things is just a business cost – it’s part of this business model – as is using these tools, that these are the things you need in place to run an Amazon business efficiently, then you have a great chance of success.

Stack the odds in your favour and go through this guide – it doesn’t matter if you’re just getting into Amazon FBA or if you’re already an Amazon Seller but you’re not seeing the results that you think you should be seeing.

If you’re not seeing decent results, then you need to go back to square one and think about the things that you’ve skipped, and then go back and do those things.

They say the best time to do something was 20 years ago… and the second best time is now. So if you want to make this business work, you have every chance in the world of doing so because it really is an easy business model and there really are just a few levers to push. But you need to know what those levers are and how to pull them because if you don’t, you can literally lose your shirt in this game.

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