Are you using the web to change your life? Then you need the right tools for the job.

Hey, I’m Hoz and I review the best tools for online solopreneurs.

I’ve been earning a living online one way or another since 2007 (selling websites, SEO, products on Amazon FBA, self-publishing and more).

But It’s damn hard being a solopreneur; there’s too much to do and too little time to do it in.

Software tools give you the biggest leverage. You can build a digital empire with the right tools, or fail completely with the wrong ones.

I created this blog and my channel to help you on your own journey by sharing with you the best tools I know of and continue to discover.

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Hoz Stuff...

I’m the author of Perfect Solopreneur, a book of hard-earned lessons over a period of 10 years, in which I built an online business, lost it all, and had to start again.

The premise of the book is how would I do things if I had to start again.

I made the book as cheap as possible without making it free (I  have bills to pay too). Besides, free has no perceived value these days (there’s a ton of free books and apps I’ve amasseed over the years that I’m never going to read or use).

The book is available on Amazon (just search for Perfect Solopreneur).

perfect solopreneur book
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer
Wow just wow
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This is one of the best self help books that I've ever read. Its one of the very few that actually provide real genuine advice and information. You changed a lot of my views for the better and I can't thank you enough.
Shawn Mathis
Shawn Mathis
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Very informative and believable. I felt like I could reach my goal. It was a quick read. Thank you for passing on life lessons.

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The Hoz thing...

About Hoz 1

During university, I worked part-time as a junior programmer and general IT guy in a small firm where the accountant couldn’t for the life of him pronounce (nor write) my first name. Much to my horror, he began writing Hoz on my wage slips.

Despite my best efforts to keep this secret, somebody saw one of the offending envelopes and, before I could concoct a likely story, everybody in the office (including the boss) began calling me Hoz.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, a coworker turned up at my student residence asking for Hoz. And thus the nickname spread like a virus, infecting everyone in the house.

My only remaining refuge was my personal circle of friends, but that too was doomed. One of my fellow students was part of that circle. There was nothing I could do. It took one single night out for the nickname to stick to the lips of everybody I had known and trusted as a friend.

Years later, and still to this day, Hoz is what people call me. There are people walking among us who don’t even know I have my own name.

And there it is. That’s why They call me Hoz.

Some Facts...

I was a guitarrist in a rock band, playing decent venues up ahd down the UK (The Cavern, The Orange Club, The Cat House, The Hard Rock Cafe…)

We won the National Battle of the Bands (televised from London) but guitar music was off the cards in the UK at that time.

A promising record deal in Germany fell through thanks to a greedy and incompetent temp-manager we employed.

We simply stopped getting together after that.

I started writing horror stories and novels in my late teens and spent my 20s writing like a demon.

I got my first novel published and discovered why 99% of published writers need a second job.

I then started self-publishing and hope to one day resume that thread.

In the early days of the web, I began writing how-to ebooks to make $. I learned to code to build my own websites and I began dabbling in SEO, devouring every course I could get my hands on.

I hit the top of Google for a much-covetted search and began bringing in decent money until the first infamous Google update, after which I dedicated myself to learning SEO at a deeper level.

I worked as an I.T. manager for 7 years, programming in VB and building servers and networks.

I quit to co-found my own company.

After walking out on an I.T. company I co-founded, I started my own company in 2007 building websites and doing SEO for clients using Joomla, before discovering WordPress.

I learnt Flash / Actionsript and started coding Flash sites. I loved it.

I landed a £4k site (it was huge) and I began working round the clock to create a template-driven Flash system for clients to create their own Flash sites via a wizard.

My plan to conquer the world failed when Flash got blocked from browsers and was eventually discontinued.

I worked in ecommerce for 5 years, building a niche business serving one of the big 3 shopping carts ar the time.

I built and launched over 250 stores for clients in 21 countries.

Out of the blue, the shopping cart company closed their London office and the dream ended in one short phone call.

In 2017, out of clients to serve, I started this blog and, shortly after, the channel, having decided never to be at the mercy of a single provider again (easier said than done).

In 2019 I published my book <b>Perfect Solopreneur</b> (Amazon) to share the things I’ve learned about ‘making it’ online.

Today, I’m focused on helping other solopreneurs by sharing all the great tools I find along the way.


Hoz was mentioned in a 5 star review in Googreads.com


Hoz was asked to contribute to 52 Entrepreneurs Business Resolution / Goals For This Year in ColorWhistle.com