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They call me Hoz...

…and I’m sharing all the great tools I’m using to earn a living online as a solopreneur. Make sure you subscribe to my main channel to stay up to date with my latest tool reviews, and subcribe to this blog so you don’t miss out on the ‘inner cicle stuff’.

I’ve also created a bunch of free guides to help you with blogging, WordPress, SEO,  Amazon FBA, self-publishing and drop shipping to metion but a few.

More about me here.


I wrote Perfect Solopreneur to share the unwritten rules of the online game and the traps to avoid on your journey to success.

This book answers the most important question anyone can ask me about my own journey. That answer took me a decade to figure out; a decade filled with failures, dark times and heartache.

That question is: knowing what I now know, how would I do things if I had to start all over again?

It’s all here. Enjoy.

I made the book as affordable as I reasonably could.

perfect solopreneur book
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer
Wow just wow
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This is one of the best self help books that I've ever read. Its one of the very few that actually provide real genuine advice and information. You changed a lot of my views for the better and I can't thank you enough.
Shawn Mathis
Shawn Mathis
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Very informative and believable. I felt like I could reach my goal. It was a quick read. Thank you for passing on life lessons.